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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Wonderful Day!

We had a wonderful day yesterday playing in the pools, splashing in the ocean and exploring the resort. The sun was shining bright against the bluest skies I have ever seen, but the constant gentle breeze kept the temperatures bearable.  To be succinct, it was a perfect day!

After swimming for a few hours in the morning, we ducked out of the pool to make it to the Turtle Lagoon in time for the feeding. Robby was in his element feeding the turtles. We stayed for nearly an hour watching them munch nasty looking cabbage. I never would have imagined I would spend an hour watching turtles eat, but Robby was so excited that it was a highlight of my day.

I probably climbed at least 500 stairs with all of the water slides that Robby and I rode. We also walked at least two miles (round trip) to feed the turtles. Because we began our day in the pool, I was wearing my water leg which is not designed for walking. The leg is comprised of a Sach foot,  a molded rubber foot which offers no energy return. All of the effort to ambulate must be generated in my knee and hip which after several hours becomes laborious and exhausting. It is great for playing in the water but is barely functional for walking on land. Needless to say, by the time we climbed out of the pool for the final time, I could barely hobble to our hotel room.

Today we will continue the fun with another day of swimming and wave jumping. We're also going to feed the turtles (again) and visit some baby turtles who just hatched. Robby doesn't know about this adventure, and I can hardly wait until we reveal the surprise!  It's hard to believe that our vacation is coming to an end, but I can honestly say that we've had a great time.

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