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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Energizer Koopa...

Robby and I have been going to the local Animal Park since he was 9 months old. All of the employees know us by name and always afford Robby special treats like helping to feed the turtles. One of the saddest days of the year is the day the park closes for the season, and one of the happiest is when it reopens. When the owner contacted me on Monday and asked for a favor, I just couldn't refuse.

A local television subsidiary was planning on remote broadcasting segments from the park, and the owner was looking for a few children to interact with the animals on camera. Despite having to get up early, I knew that Robby would jump at the chance to participate. When I told him about the invitation, he was excited and asked if Rowan could come as well. He quickly pointed out that she has never been on television and that this would be her chance. A few phone calls later and our group of three was confirmed for the next morning's broadcast.

Robby and Rowan were adorable during the drive to the Animal Park. I had to chuckle hearing Robby try to calm Rowan's television debut anxieties, carefully explaining everything that she might see and do. "This is just the news show, so they probably won't put powder on our noses. But remember to not look at the camera, but just keep smiling." I think he thoroughly enjoyed his role as expert!

Their delight and excitement radiated through the camera for the duration of the segments. I only cringed once when Robby stepped up to feed the llama while the reporter was talking. She patted and scratched Robby's head which I could tell he did not appreciate. The look that he gave her was priceless and fully communicated his feelings about having his head patted by a stranger. Remembering that he was on camera, he quickly composed himself and went about happily feeding the llama. I hoped that I was the only one to see his reaction, but the ensuing phone calls with my Mom and Scott let me know that I was not the only one to pick up on his disdain.

After spending three hours posing for the cameras and schlepping through the Animal Park, it was time to leave. We came home and ate lunch. Apparently I missed a pow-wow because when we sat down to eat, I was asked by both Robby and Rowan what time we were leaving for the pool. I hadn't been planning to go to the pool, but lacking any good reasons to deny the request, we finished our lunches and got changed into our swimming suits. 

Another three hours swimming and our day of adventure and fun was over. Don't misunderstand me, Robby had plenty of energy to keep going. I, however, was exhausted. I wish I had his energy!

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