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Thursday, August 01, 2013

34 Days

In 34 days Robby will be going back to school. (At some point I really need to take down the "Last Day of School" banner that is hanging on my porch, but I digress.) Although I'm nervous for him because it is a new school with new classmates, my emotions this year are different. For the past two years I spent my Augusts angst ridden, crying at night, and constantly worried about his (and my) adjustment. I now find myself feeling more excitement than fear for him. I consider this progress!

I have no doubt that I will miss him while he's at school, but I am relying upon my experience to remind me that it will be okay. We will both adjust to the new schedule, and we will still manage to fit in our special adventures. The thought of him spending so many hours away from me still makes me sad, but I also know that he will be learning, having fun, and thriving. The trade-off is well worth it.

I think that I am approaching this school year with a new perspective because the prospect is no longer new and also because I am delighted with his new school. The administrators and his teacher have gone above and beyond to make him feel welcome. He is nervous, but he is not terrified like he was last year. I guess we are both growing.

The fuss that I encountered at his former school concerning my prosthesis is still a fresh wound. Although our decision to switch schools was made before the incident, it certainly helped to confirm our choice. The fact that there is a little girl with limb loss in Robby's class this year is a refreshing change. She made an impression on my little guy, and I predict that he will assume the role of protector as the year progresses.

Robby and I both noted that her prosthesis was held together with duct tape, a reality which bothered both of us. As soon as I find it appropriate I plan to investigate her situation and work to get her into a more durable and appropriate leg. I think Robby would spend the entire school year fretting if we didn't make a good faith effort to secure a quality prosthesis for her!

Until then we still have four more weeks of summer, and I intend to make the most of the time. We're going to spend our afternoons at the pool, ride a pirate ship in DC, go to an amusement park, play at the county fair and whatever else I can find. I want him to go back to school with wonderful memories of this summer. After all, I can sleep in September!

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