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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sick Day?

To put it mildly, the past few days have been hectic. It seems like I have spent every waking moment with a phone to my ear or a keyboard on my lap. Many times, I'm doing both simultaneously! I've been working on a running clinic for my prosthetic facility. Between dealing with the sponsor, securing media coverage and making sure we have participants, I am experiencing event saturation. Thankfully, all of the work will come to fruition on Friday afternoon, and I can put this (dare I hope successful) event behind me.

Yesterday I worked from the time I dropped off Robby until I picked him up, breaking only to clear my head by visiting briefly with Mr. Bill. I have a full schedule again today, but unfortunately it may have to be significantly adjusted. Robby came home from school complaining of a sore throat and headache. I hate seeing him sick.

I am fairly certain that I lack the "Mom gene" that indicates the appropriate time to seek medical intervention. I looked in his throat  because I felt like that was something I was supposed to do. After all, my Mom always looked in my throat when I was ill. Of course, she probably had an idea of what to look for whereas I am utterly clueless. Unless the tonsils are dripping with puss, I can never tell if he is developing strep.

I took his temperature and it was slightly elevated but not high enough to be alarming. He curled up on the couch and watched cartoons all night. He didn't attempt to play which is a true indication of his lethargy. Scott and I debated throughout the evening if we should take him to the doctor. Because he wasn't running a high fever, we decided to wait until this morning to evaluate.  I hope we made the right decision and he feels better this morning.

Working from home affords me the opportunity to stay with Robby today, assuming he is not well enough to go to school. I'm thankful that we don't have to scrounge to provide care for him, nor does one of us have to take the day off work. I've become adept at tuning out cartoons when I'm concentrating, so I should still be able to tackle the remaining items on my to-do list. I just hope my little Koopa feels better!

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