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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wishing Bad

I have several friends who are struggling with various physical ailments, and it is utterly heartbreaking. I wish I could sweep in and take away their pain, their worries and their suffering. Unfortunately, I find myself in the helpless position of not being able to provide a solution, only able to offer support and love. Although I know that having a strong support system is important, sometimes it feels wholly inadequate considering the obstacles that are being faced.

My friend lost her leg above the knee to a replacement gone awry. She faced this adversity with a cheerful smile and a brave demeanor. Resolved to live her best life and knowing that her sound knee was failing, she made the choice to undergo a knee replacement on her remaining leg. This medical procedure tossed her into the throes of infection hell. She has been battling MRSA, as well as a myriad of other strains, for the past two years. She has been sick, in pain, and unable to walk. Despite these complications, she never lost her sense of humor or her fighting spirit. 

She is now in a position where the knee replacement must be removed for several weeks to allow the antibiotics a chance to tackle the infections. This procedure will afford her a 60% opportunity to keep her remaining leg. When she quoted me the statistic, my heart sank and all I processed was "there is a 40% chance she'll lose her only leg." The thought of her becoming a bilateral above-knee amputee is incomprehensible.

I immediately logged onto my computer to search for information about removing a knee replacement. Anytime I search anything medical I make sure I log onto my Hotspot VPN. If I forget, my searches are spammed with an array of medical websites, spas and purported cures for everything from blisters to penis size.

When we were speaking the other day, she mentioned said that she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy. She is most certainly a better person than I because I admittedly know a handful of individuals whom I feel would be worthy of her suffering. While I wish that nobody had to endure physical pain, the truth is that there will always be somebody struggling. If there has to be suffering in the world, it should be endured by those who are nasty and mean-spirited instead of those who are loving and generous. I am tired of my friends, who are good people, dealing with such tragic events while those who idle away their days hurting others seem to survive unscathed.

I am sure that physical obstacles are not limited to those with kind hearts but it certainly feels that way. There is no rhyme or reason why my friends, who would go to the ends of the earth to help somebody in need, should be suffering through such profound journeys. They are good people, and don't deserve this pain! In an odd twist, perhaps their obstacles have helped them forge an appreciation for compassion, a trait which seems to be lacking in so many people these days. 

I know that saying, "It's not fair" is of little consequence, yet sometimes I feel like screaming it with all my strength. I want my friends to be healthy and for them to be able to live without pain and fear. Unfortunately, wishes are of little consequences, so all I can do is offer support and unconditional friendship.

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