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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cooking Tornado

It is a good thing I rested over the weekend because yesterday was bustling. After I dropped Robby off at school, I headed straight to the grocery store. Armed with a list, I picked up the remaining supplies I needed to complete my culinary quest.

Although I'm going to be spending the holiday at my mom's, I spent yesterday prepping three Thanksgiving meals. My kitchen smelled insanely good, and it felt torturous that I wasn't going to be able to enjoy any of the food I was cooking. One meal was earmarked for Robby's class to consume during today's much anticipated Thanksgiving Feast . He graciously volunteered me for all food prep.  The other two meals are being delivered this afternoon to friends who are recovering from illnesses and are not able to cook. 

I spent the majority of the day on my feet, standing over the counter top and sink in my kitchen. By the time I pulled the final tray of cookies out of the oven, I was physically exhausted! Between the pregnancy, my thyroid issues and the recent bout with dehydration, my body is not accustomed to being in constant motion.  

After cooking all day, my kitchen looked like a disaster area. Butter wrappers stuck on the floor, egg shells on the counter tops and apparently potato bits flew from my mixer and stuck onto every wall. I never claimed to be a clean cook!

Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Robby from school. I briefly debated about whether or not I should change my clothes, but a look in the mirror confirmed the decision. I was covered with mashed potato and cookie dough splatter. I knew I could fix my attire, but I doubted I would be able to mask my exhaustion. I tried to conceal my limp as I hobbled into his classroom only to find myself berated with questions from his concerned classmates. Hoping to avoid a lengthy discussion, I blamed the pain on the impending weather and hurried Robby out of the room.

Of course, blaming the weather was not too far out of the realm of possibilities. Today we are expecting our first winter storm, coating the roads with ice and sleet during rush hour. There is a good possibility that Robby will not have school today, and that we will be schlepping all of the food up to my mom's for Thanksgiving. Even the best laid plans have to be flexible when Mother Nature is considered.

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