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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Phantom Pain... UGH

The weatherman predicted the storm accurately, and yesterday morning I was greeted with sleet and freezing rain. As feared, Robby's school had a delayed opening. My hours of cooking and baking were going to go unappreciated by his class, but my neighbors certainly made out like bandits as they happily received trays of mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls.

I wasn't surprised by the winter storm. In fact, I predicted its severity with more certainty without needing to watch a single weather report. My leg was doing the jitterbug kick all night keeping me awake with the electric shocks that always herald a huge weather event. By the time I finally rolled out of bed, the phantom pain was so severe that I had trouble donning my prosthesis. I knew I was in for a long day!

Robby's class did not enjoy the scheduled Thanksgiving Feast, but they did enjoy the turkey craft projects I purchased. The last thing I wanted to do was to spend the day on my feet and walking. All I wanted to do was take off my leg and try to will the pain away. But I made a promise, and I didn't want to let Robby or his classmates down.  Besides, my little guy was proud as a peacock when his teacher announced that I would be taking over the class for the day. My leg was killing me, but seeing his happiness made the pain seem minimal compared to the payoff I was receiving.  

We had a successful crafting and cupcake party. Although I do wish I had put more thought behind the finger painting activity. I'm fairly certain that I ended up wearing more paint than both the students and their turkeys! 

After the party, Robby and I headed up to my mom's. The drive was slow and made difficult by the slick roads and thick traffic. I was relieved to finally pull into her driveway, eager to finally relax and elevate my leg. Most of the times being an amputee is inconsequential in my daily life. Days when the phantom pain has decided to intervene, I really miss being bi-legged. 

Today I don't have any time for phantom pain, so I am hoping that it leaves. I'm going to be helping my Mom prep for Thanksgiving dinner and I don't want anything to interfere with our plans! 

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