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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Yesterday I woke up uncomfortably early. I didn't wake for any purpose; I just simply couldn't sleep anymore. I am splitting the blame for this issue between stress, my ripening pituitary tumors and the pregnancy. Unfortunately, knowing the cause does little to quell my frustrations while I'm sitting in the living room at 4 AM.

The announcement for Robby's two-hour school delay came scrolling across the bottom of the tv screen around 4:30. I remember the excitement of school delays when I was his age. There was something special about mulling around in the morning in my pajamas and eating a special breakfast. The joy of missing two hours in the morning is only overshadowed by an entire snow day.

My desire to relive my school delay childhood memories combined with my need for a project compelled me to make Robby a special breakfast. At 5 AM I carefully (and quietly) mixed and kneaded the dough for homemade sticky buns. The breakfast treat takes several hours to prepare, but time was not an issue. After all, we had a two hour school delay!

By 7:45 the pastries were mixed, shaped and slid into the oven. It didn't take long for the comforting and appetizing odor to start wafting through the air. Wanting to make the breakfast a bit more balanced, I decided that I should fry some bacon.

If you have never smelled the wonderful aromas of sticky buns baking and bacon frying, you are missing out. If I could figure out a way to capture the heavenly odors, I would surely be a millionaire. Within a few minutes Robby was lured out of bed by the smells. He appeared in the kitchen wearing his army man footie pajamas and just rolled out of bed hair. He looked adorable as he stood by the oven, inquisitively sniffing the air. Without my offering an explanation, he smiled and said, "It's good to be a kid." 

I set up the TV tray with a warm sticky bun and bacon. After turning on Scooby Doo, I poured myself a fresh cup of tea (I'm trying to minimize coffee intake) and assumed my position in my rocking chair. I was fully expecting him to devour the special breakfast I had prepared.

After 30 minutes of watching the Mystery Gang solve another phantom inspired case, Robby had still not touched his sticky bun. I finally asked him how it was, hoping that my prompt would entice him to eat. After all, it took me a lot of time to make the treat and I wanted it to be enjoyed! 

"Well Momom, thank you for my breakfast. Don't be sad. But I really wanted to have a super yummy Cinnamon Toast Eggo waffle this morning." 

I plopped his Eggos into the toaster and handed them to him on a paper towel once they were warmed. He devoured both in record time, citing the smells in the house as making him hungry. Apparently he likes the smell of sticky buns in the morning but he doesn't necessarily want to eat them.  Obviously my son is not going to grow up to be a food critic! 

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