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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Days!

The past two days both boys have been off school because of snow and ice. I am not sure whose smile was wider when the news was announced that school was cancelled; both Robby and Scott seemed equally ecstatic about the snow day declaration. Robby was thrilled to have two days to frolic in the snow, build snowmen, go sledding and engage in "epic" snowball battles.  Scott was excited about the respite from his students!

This is the first year where I have not been asked to assume the role of Robby's snow buddy. I was happy to relinquish the cold responsibilities so that Robby could play with Rowan (our neighbor). To be honest, I was doubtful that my snow attire would fit over my growing baby bump. The fact that I could stay inside by the fire and that I didn't have to try to squeeze into various layers was a relief!

Instead of playmate, I was reassigned to resident baker, hot chocolate maker and clothing dryer. Every few hours the kids would come inside and peel off their drenched layers leaving me with a large wet pile of snow clothes by the front door. I'd throw them into the dryer before filling their snack and drink orders. By the time they were done eating, their snow clothes were dry and ready for another round in the frigid temperatures.  My hot chocolate maker, ovens and dryer all worked overtime over the past few days, but watching them play from the window made every effort worthwhile.

Other than some mild shocks at night, my phantom pain has been virtually non-existent through this winter event. Many times the limb pain which accompanies snowstorms can be unbearable. I was delighted to actually watch the flakes fly through the air without feeling the pain and discomfort which often accompanies the tranquil sight. 

Much to the chagrin of both boys, they will return to school today. Although I enjoyed having them home, I am ready for the house again to be quiet. It's hard for me to get a lot of work done when I'm constantly being asked to bake treats and dry mountains of wet clothes.

Today will be spent finishing up reports and paperwork. The snow has melted and the walkways are slick, so I am hesitant to venture out by myself if it isn't absolutely necessary. In year's past I would just slip on my Yak-Trax cleats, but the addition of the baby bump makes walking on the ice even more difficult. I'd rather stay inside by the fire and wait for Scott to come home before running errands. Right now, slipping and falling is the last thing I need!

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