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Monday, December 30, 2013

Nana's Party!

This past weekend was another busy one. We woke up early Saturday morning, packed our bags and headed to PA. In years past, this trip would have occurred on Christmas morning. However, this year we decided to stay home for the holiday. As luck would have it, my cousins were having a difficult time fitting my Mom's traditional holiday dinner into their Christmas day schedule as well. This was the first year that we have all gotten together on a date other than December 25th, but I foresee it becoming a tradition for the coming years. 

By the time we arrived at my Mom's, her house was already full.  Robby quickly abandoned his tablet and DS, opting instead to play with and chase his cousins. There is a unique sense of happiness that comes from hearing a chorus of children squealing and laughing. Suddenly the date on the calendar was inconsequential, and the festive holiday mood was recaptured for the afternoon.

True to form, my Mom prepared way too much food. All of the kids essentially ignored the dinner buffet table, instead visiting the cookie tower throughout the afternoon. In reality, the only time the little ones sat at the dining room table was when the cake was being served. The younger ones may not visit often, but they have come to know that Nana (the name all of the kids use for my Mom) always has cake and chocolate milk.

While the kids were busy chasing each other around the house firing their "fart guns," also courtesy of Nana, the adults were able to visit and catch up. Of course, sometimes talking was a bit difficult because of the inundation of electronic toot sounds and children laughing. Thankfully Nana opted to buy the regular guns and did not feel it was necessary to upgrade for the added scent option!

It is amazing how quickly the afternoon flew by. Before I realized it, the sun was down and the little friends were running on fumes (and sugar). By the time everybody packed up to go home and I helped my Mom clean and put away the food, I was beyond tired. Between watching the kids and helping with the food, I was on my feet for the majority of the day. I'm not too proud to admit that I was asleep before my 7 year old.

We woke up Sunday morning to miserable weather. The skies were grey and the rainfalls were heavy. Because of the anticipated traffic and the dismal weather conditions, we decided to pack up and head home a little early. In retrospect we made the right decision. Visibility and road conditions were horrible, making drive both difficult and stressful.

Despite the frustrating drive, we had a wonderful weekend. My family doesn't see each other with great frequency, but when we are together we always have fun. I typically hate change, but this new tradition might be the perfect fit for everybody's growing and changing family.

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