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Friday, December 27, 2013

R & R

Lying in bed yesterday morning, I began to devise the lengthy post-holiday "to do" list. Tidying up the living room ranked among the top of the chores which needed to be done. I have never had a reputation for being a clean freak, but the clutter of the plastic toys, games and wooden blocks strewn from corner to corner was enough to drive me crazy.

After gathering my ambition to be productive, I put on my leg to begin what was sure to be another busy day. One step completely eradicated every plan that I had made. My leg was painful and swollen. I immediately knew that the clutter would have to be picked up by little hands because I was going to be directing the activities from the comfort of the couch!

I absolutely despise bad leg days. I suspect that the activities of the past few days coupled with the swelling issues from my pregnancy have combined to making walking awkward and painful. Knowing the cause is one thing; taking it easy to allow myself time to recover and heal is another issue entirely. I resent having a difficult time walking and hate when I have to tailor my activities because of my amputation.

We made one trip to the mall and I regretted the decision almost instantly. Instead of cleaning and tackling the growing list of chores, I spent much of the day sitting and watching Robby play. He seemed oblivious to my ambulation issues and was content spending the day playing with his new treasures. While I still do not understand the appeal of plastic army men, I have come to realize that the enjoyment apparently increases exponentially when the medieval knights are added to the battle.

After keeping my leg off for several hours, I slipped it back on so that I could help Robby crack open his "easy to open" geode discovery kit. Well, after 30 minutes of whacking the rock with our hammer we decided to seek professional help. We bundled up, grabbed our unbreakable geode rocks and headed to see Mr. Bill. 

Working together, it took the pair another 15 minutes to crack open the geode. The task involved a vice, chisel, screwdriver and a variety of mallets. Robby was delighted when the crystals were finally exposed. Although I can't be certain, I'm fairly sure I saw Mr. Bill cringe when Robby promised to return with the remaining 6 geodes!

The remainder of the day was relatively non-eventful. Robby occupied himself with his new toys, and I was able to unburden and rest my limb. Hopefully the day of rest and limb compression have done the trick because this weekend we have another Christmas party to attend and I don't have time for pain!

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