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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cozy and Content

Although Scott had it broadcast on every television in our home, I didn't need the Weather Channel to tell me that we were expecting a snow storm. Last night my leg was jitterbug kicking and stinging so much that I could have auditioned to be an Irish Dancer. The meteorologists occasionally have it wrong, but my leg rarely lies. When we woke up yesterday morning, schools were closed and the flakes were beginning to fall.

By the time Robby and Scott rolled out of bed, the yard was blanketed in white fluffy snow. Both boys were smiling as if it were Christmas morning when they realized that school had been cancelled. Robby began to play XBox while Scott turned on the Weather Channel (again) to carefully monitor the storm. 

Personally, I don't understand the fascination with watching the constantly streaming and rarely changing weather forecast. However, I have come to accept that this is Scott's inclement weather ritual. I suspect it has something to do either with age or gender, but I doubt that I will ever find myself glued to the slowly morphing radar.

By lunchtime the wood stove was roaring, keeping the house toasty warm. I had banana bread baking in the oven and a crock pot full of chili simmering on the counter. My house smelled heavenly.

Robby and Rowan spent the afternoon playing in the snow. From the comfort of my rocker, I watched them sled, throw snowballs, and make snow angels. This is the first year that Robby has not begged me to be his snow buddy. Although part of me is sad that he no longer needs me to go sledding, I am also relieved. I'm sure that my snow pants would not accommodate the baby bump, and the prospect of being cold and wet is not nearly as appealing. I have decided to enjoy the snow play respite because I'm sure in another two years I'll find myself outside playing and sledding with little baby C. 

When the friends finally ventured inside, they resembled snowmen with the exception of their bright red cheeks. Scott and I stripped off their snow clothes and placed them on the drying rack strategically placed in front of the fire. They sat next to the fire while I made hot cocoa and peanut butter cookies to help warm them up.  Robby took a big bite of his peanut butter cookie, smiled and said that it was "good to be a kid." I have to say, it's pretty good to be a Mom as well!

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