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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sick Day Part 2

Robby is entering this third day on antibiotics and so far he has shown some signs of improvement. His days have been spent lethargically lounging on the couch or half-heartedly playing video games. At night his symptoms become more severe with the near constant coughing causing his throat to hurt.  I have tried to ease his symptoms and make him comfortable, but I know that we just need to wait it out until the medication kicks in, and his body begins to fight the infection.

As luck would have it, I have come down with a cold. My energy was completely zapped, although at this point it is impossible to tell if I am depleted from the pregnancy, stress, insomnia from taking care of Robby or my own virus. Regardless of the causes, I spent much of yesterday afternoon curled next to Robby on the couch, napping.  I guess my body finally decided that I needed to slow down!

Thankfully Scott was able to take off from work an hour early. Lying down and taking a proper nap, in a real bed instead of a couch, made the world of difference in my energy levels. Although I still feel systemic, I am beginning to see hope that my healthy self might return (someday).

This evening we are expecting a snow storm but I certainly didn't need Accuweather to confirm the impending flurries. My leg has been aching and sore heralding the storm with its usual phantom pain announcements. Trying to find the bright side, I suppose that one bonus of being exhausted is the fact that phantom pain does not keep me awake! 

With everybody lamenting the impending snow totals, I have to admit that I am looking forward to it. From the comfort of my rocking chair positioned next to the wood insert, the snow is beautiful. My being excused from shoveling this year certainly adds to the tranquility!

I also love hearing the squeals of laughter and giggles coming from Robby and his friend as they throw snowballs, sled and build forts.  Hopefully Robby will recover enough to enjoy his predicted snow days. After all, staying home from school because you're sick and having classes cancelled because of snow are two entirely different things.  This is touted as the biggest storm of the year; he would be heartbroken if he isn't well enough to take advantage of the sledding opportunities.

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