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Thursday, February 13, 2014

SNOW DAY- again

After several days of battling bronchitis, Robby turned the corner yesterday. He slept through the night (finally) and woke up quasi-chipper. He was happy that his "old man voice" was leaving and that his throat didn't hurt anymore. Although he was feeling better, I opted to keep him home from school again. I didn't think it was beneficial for him to attend school for one day when, in all probability, classes would be cancelled for the remainder of the week due to snow. 

He spent the day playing XBox, watching cartoons and building rather impressive Lego creations. By lunchtime he was doing so well that I was second guessing my decision to keep him home. Feeling better myself, I was able to get caught up on some paperwork. Once my reports were done, I had enough energy to bake some treats for Valentine's Day.

By 6:00, the relatively light activities of the day had taken their toll on me. While Robby was still playing, I ended up curled on the couch under the electric blankets. The impending storm was wreaking havoc on my limb causing the tissue to swell and making each step painful. Phantom pain, which I thankfully don't experience often, always leaves me frustrated. I guess the constant pain is a reminder of the limb that I'm missing.

Typically I would take a Tylenol PM and go to bed when the pain becomes as severe as it was last night. With my being pregnant, that option was eliminated. Instead I alternated between massage, heat and cursing. Sometimes being a pregnant amputee is miserable, and last night was a prime example!

This morning we woke up to nothing less than a beautiful winter wonderland. We have about six inches so far with a predicted 15 inches by the time the storm ends. Robby could not be happier with the snow windfall, begging to go outside and play as soon as he woke up. At this point, he will never admit that he had been sick; there is a lot of snow outside and he plans on building an igloo and sledding down our hill.

This morning my limb is tender and the nerves are twitching, but the constant pain has lifted. I am not about to let a little tenderness keep me from building in the snow with my favorite little guy.  But he is going to have to wait a little while.  I don't plan on venturing outside until the white out conditions subside.  Until then, it looks like more Scooby Doo on the couch. 

We'll post pictures of our snow creations later!

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