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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bump Obstacles

I had been showing, but only a little, but enough so that people who know me well and see me on a regular basis could tell that I was pregnant. Strangers, along with those whom only see me occasionally, often had that perplexed, "Is she getting fat again or is she pregnant" look cross their faces.  During the past 10 days something amazing has happened: I have gone from looking "a little pregnant" to strutting a big ole baby bump which leaves no doubt that I am expecting. 

While I am glad that I now look pregnant instead of fat, the imposing bump has created some new issues. For example, I can no longer see my toes when I am walking. This is particularly worrisome since I can only feel the ground with one foot. I find that I am walking slower and with a more deliberate step. I have come to accept that my days of mindlessly strolling are gone, at least until the baby is born. 

Going up and down steps, in addition to leaving me embarrassingly winded, cause me increased anxiety. I have reinstated the "I won't carry anything that requires two hands on the staircase" rule. This means that Scott has to transport the groceries, boxes, trash and laundry up and down the stairs. (Okay, I never said the lifestyle change were all bad!)

I no longer sit on the floor to play with Robby. I'm worried that if I sit on the floor, I might not be able to get back up. Robby, although wonderfully helpful, is no match for my weight when trying to help hoist me up from a seated position. For now, everybody is safer if I contain my sitting to the chairs and the couch. 

Although some of the changes in my body create humorous situations, there is one I find particularly frustrating. I am having trouble donning my liner independently. I can't bend at my waist to put it over the bottom of my limb. I hate being dependent, but right now I need Scott or Robby's help in order to put on my leg. I have discovered that Robby is particularly fond of this new responsibility. He loves being helpful and is proud when he is doing something that he knows is important.  I did have to chuckle when I learned that he told his teachers and all of his classmates all about having to help Momom put on her leg because her baby tummy is too big. I'm certain that's not a statement they've heard before!

I'm sure that the issues and obstacles will only increase exponentially with my size, but in the end I know it will be worth it. Having to depend on Robby to put on my leg, avoiding carrying objects on the stairs and refusing to sit on the floor are all a small price to pay when I consider what is waiting for us. It's hard to believe that in two short months I'll be the mother of two. I can't wait to finally meet the little one!

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