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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Yep, Another Snow Day

Monday morning we woke up to what Robby aptly described as a "snowflake paradise." Tiny little flakes were falling so quickly that, at times, we were experiencing white out conditions. Needless to say, I was not surprised to learn that all schools in our area were cancelled. I don't know how many snow days have been called this year, but according to Robby and Scott there have not been enough. I tend to disagree with this assessment.

I upheld the snow day tradition by making cinnamon buns and bacon for breakfast. This is certainly not the healthiest meal, but it is meant to be a special treat.  I never anticipated that I would be making it quite so often this winter!  Regardless, Robby swears it provides him with the "koopa energy" needed to sled and throw snow balls all day.

The intensity of the snow fall kept Robby inside for much of the day. Instead of sledding, he spent his time playing Xbox and fabricating scenarios on Minecraft. I still don't fully comprehend either platform, but I do appreciate that he is using his imagination and is staying busy. After all, the boys might have had a snow day, but I still had a stack of work which needed to be done.

While the boys were busy playing with various electronic devices, I curled up in my rocking chair and started to plow my way through the overwhelming pile of reports. To my surprise, I was left alone and was able to conquer my looming "to do" list by early afternoon. By that time the snow had slowed, and Robby was able to head outside to play.

I was grateful that his friend was also raring to play in the snow because I was content watching through the window while sitting by the fire. My leg has definitely felt better and, although I'm not having any specific issues, I am not entirely comfortable on my feet. In all fairness, this is probably due to the baby bump instead of my prosthesis.  All of a sudden I seemed to have popped out, and I now look like I am walking around with a turkey tucked under my blouse.

By 4 pm both school systems had already cancelled for today. Needless to say, I had two happy campers last night as they celebrated another day home from school. Today I think we will forgo the traditional snow day breakfast. It turns out that you can have too much of a good thing.  Instead of cooking, we'll head to IHOP for pancakes. As luck would have it, today is Free Pancake Day!  Of course, this plan is contingent on the roads being cleared.

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