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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Driving for Pancakes

After an extended weekend courtesy of Mother Nature, both Scott and Robby are returning to school today. I'm hoping that this was the final hurrah of winter, but at this point I would never discount another storm.  This winter could only be described as relentless! (I'm going to try to put the threat of more snow out of my mind and concentrate on the positive--in a few hours my house will be quiet.)

The decision to close schools yesterday was made early Monday afternoon. I always appreciate finding out the night before versus the 5 AM phone call. I find it amazing how Scott can fall back to sleep after learning that his work is cancelled, but I am wide awake for the rest of the morning because of the ringing phone. Unfortunately, it wasn't a phone call which woke me up early Tuesday morning. It was my growing anxiety.

I had an appointment to review the plans and to see the space for a satellite office that is being built by my prosthetic facility, and I was expected to be in Leesburg, approximately a 30 minute drive, at 9:00 AM. I went to bed knowing that the roads were slick. Where they weren't covered with snow, they were coated with ice. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to venturing out in those conditions. I spent the majority of the night tossing and turning as I worried about getting to the meeting safely. 

There are a few occasions when cancelling is not an option and, unfortunately this meeting was one of them. Barring a catastrophic event, I had to be there. As I was pacing through the living room, worrying about the roads, Scott casually offered to chauffeur me to the appointment.  He is far more comfortable, and dare I admit more experienced and skilled, when it comes to driving on unsavory roads. I didn't hesitate to accept his offer and instantly my anxieties melted away. I should have thought of this option hours earlier; perhaps I would have slept better!

Within minutes the family was packed up and buckled into the car, prepared for a slow drive to Leesburg. Thankfully the roads were not as impassable as I feared. While they were slick in spots and the drive was not effortless, we were able to get to our destination without incident or mishap.  The boys hung out in the lobby while I met with Elliot and the builders to review the plans. (On a side note, I never knew that picking out floor tiles and paint colors would be so much fun.)

After the meeting (which of course went far longer than I anticipated) we headed to IHOP to secure our free pancakes. A long line of people, primarily teenagers off school, was our first clue that we weren't the only ones who were lured by the free pancakes. Despite the crowd, our wait was relatively short. Brevity was a good thing because I could tell that Scott was becoming agitated by the giggling and shouting of our teenage fellow patrons. I suspect that being surrounded by rambunctious teenagers was simply a reminder of what he had in store for the remainder of the week.

By the time we arrived back home, it was already the middle of the afternoon. Robby spent the rest of the day playing (and laughing) while Scott channel-surfed on the television. Finally adjusted to my new medications, I was able to clean the kitchen (well, at least I was able to tidy it up a bit) and cook dinner. Although I know that the boys will feel deflated going back to school this morning, I have to admit that I am overjoyed. I know that my medication will be adjusted again next week, so I need to take full advantage of my "feel good days" when they happen. I have a lot of work to do, and clock is ticking. 

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