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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sore Weekend

This has been a rough weekend. As much as I would like to say that the adversity is behind us, the beginning of this week isn't shaping up to be any easier. This morning I am dropping Scott off at the periodontist at 8:30. I'll have enough time to get him settled before I have to leave for my "old lady having a baby" sonogram, which is scheduled for 9. Typically I'm not nervous about the sonograms, but today is different. I spent the majority of Saturday in the Labor and Delivery ward of our hospital, hooked up to monitors and hoping that this little one was not making a dangerously early arrival.

I woke up at about 3 AM on Saturday violently vomiting. I had felt well when I went to bed and, although I had no fever, even a tablespoon of water caused me to wretch for long intervals. Each episode caused my cramping to increase until I was pushed into a cycle of near constant contractions. By 11:00 I had enough, and I knew I needed intervention.

As luck would have it, my mom and my sister were coming to paint the baby's room. The pair took one look at me, packed me into the car and drove me to the hospital. Scott stayed home to care for Robby and to tackle the most unenviable task of cleaning up the prolific HazMat scene I had created. 

I was expecting to be seen in the emergency room, primarily because the hospital is still under construction and I didn't think that the labor and delivery ward was complete. It turns out that it was officially opened on Wednesday, and I was the first emergency patient to utilize the facility. The nurses seemed so excited when they wheeled me into the brand new ward. I'm fairly certain that I saw two nurses high five each other when my presence was announced.  Needless to say, being the only patient on the ward had significant benefits. I was seen quickly, and the staff was attentive and excited about caring for me.

Within minutes I was in a gown, propped into bed and hooked up to a variety of baby monitors. Needless to say, I was scared. I knew that this baby was going to be facing a struggle if he or she made an appearance this early.  I felt helpless and vulnerable.

It turns out that the vomiting, coupled with dehydration, caused my body to enter a cycle of contractions. I was experiencing rather significant contractions every two minutes, like clock work, for several hours. After two liters of IV fluid were administered, along with medication to thwart the vomiting, the severity of the contractions began to wane.  After spending the afternoon in the hospital I was discharged. I crawled into bed and slept until the next morning.

When I woke up seemingly ever muscle in my body hurt. To me it felt like I had done 500 sit-ups, although that analogy is only a guess because I know I've never done that many. Sunday was spent resting and trying to keep Scott centered and calm before his procedure.  That in and of itself felt like mission impossible!

I'm looking forward to seeing the sonogram pictures today. I have been worried since my unexpected time in the hospital and just need to verify that everything is okay. It is one thing to hear the doctor's assessment, but it something entirely different to have visual confirmation.  Wish us luck!

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