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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Teeth and a Baby Pic!

Yesterday was an extremely long and physically draining day. The schedule was packed with appointments, primarily medical, which kept me moving for much of the day. By the time the sun went down, I felt a sense of relief taking off my leg, knowing that the day had finally come to a close.

Scott had periodontal surgery which would be difficult for anybody but was the experience was made more intense because of his deep phobias. He was nearly inconsolable in the morning, working himself into such a frenzy of fear that I couldn't help him recenter and regain perspective. I tried throughout the morning to remain compassionate, loving and calm, but I have to admit to slipping up and barking at him when we were getting ready to leave. I found Robby crying uncontrollably, holding onto his stuffed turtles in the corner of his bedroom because he was worried that his Daddy was going to die while he was at school. I understand that Scott's fears are real, but seeing them impact Robby was heartbreaking.

After dropping the scared patient off for surgery, I barely had enough time to get him checked in with the nurses before I had to leave for my own appointment. Thankfully my "old lady having a baby" doctors were in the same office building because I'm certain I would have been late had they not been so close. The appointment was not physically pleasant (I'll spare the details because I am sure that many read this blog over their morning coffee) but I only hope that every pain I experience will become a distant memory when I am holding this little baby.

Although not comfortable, the appointment did yield more information about little baby-to-be. The little cherub is already 4 pounds and 11 ounces which was deemed "perfect" by the specialists. (S)He is still lying transverse and doesn't appear to be motivated to move into a more suitable birthing position. The cord is still wrapped around the neck but it is not impeding with growth or development at this time. Because of the cord and position issues, coupled with the fact that no diaphragm exercises were picked up by the sonogram, I was given a steroid shot to develop the lungs quickly. This is preventative but seemed prudent considering the situation.

As soon as I was done with my appointment I waddled to the grocery store to fill a handful of prescriptions. Between Scott and me, we certainly put our insurance card to good use yesterday! By the time I climbed into the car, I received a text message from Scott informing me that the procedure was over.

I was surprised to hear from him but delighted because I thought it signaled an easier procedure than expected. I drove directly to the Periodontist office to pick him up. They were surprised to see me because Scott was no where close to being finished. I guess I should have known better than to trust a text from somebody under partial sedation!

Instead of leaving I stayed in the waiting room, resting and killing time with old copies of People magazine. He emerged about an hour and a half later, groggy and sporting chipmunk cheeks. I drove him home and immediately tucked him into bed. Although he was obviously tired, he spent his time calling and texting me rather than sleeping. I love him dearly, but he is certainly a high maintenance (and non-compliant) patient! I spent the rest of the day and evening fetching ice, bringing an assortment of soft foods, fluffing pillows, answering questions and just providing sympathy.  I was happy to pick up Robby from school because I knew that he would help me by being a fantastic little delivery boy.

Scott is home from work today and seems to be on the mend. I am hoping to spend the day quietly working on the couch. I know that a nap is too much to hope for, so at this point I'll be content with the absence of drama. 

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