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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April Fool's Day Recap

Yesterday was April Fool's Day, a holiday which must have been designed with young children in mind. Robby and his classmates have been planning their "pranks" for weeks, counting down the days until they were able to execute their mischief. Of course, most of the students were not able to keep their plans to themselves, summarily ruining the surprise factor for each prank with their excited chatter. I understand this compulsion because, as a child, I was completely unable to keep a secret. 

It seems that Robby does not take after me when it comes to secret keeping. He devised his April Fool's Day prank more than a week ago and managed to fill in a few select accomplices on his plans. Since the majority of the work for his prank landed on my shoulders, I was one of the first to know of his idea. Have no doubt that Robby is indeed my son however, because his elaborate "prank" involved cupcakes.

While his Daddy was convalescing from his periodontal work, Robby and I were working in the kitchen on Monday night. We made a batch of ice cream cone cupcakes and carefully frosted each one to resemble the frozen treat. Robby was all giggles as he anticipated the surprise and shock of his classmates biting into what they thought to be ice cream only to discover a cupcake. He was sure that his prank would be the best one of the day!

Yesterday morning we carefully packed up our disguised cupcakes before heading to school.  Robby told his teacher and Principal about our deception, but only after both agreed to keep the secret. In order to make the prank more plausible, the cones were stowed in the school refrigerator until lunch time. 

When I picked up Robby from school he was full of himself for pulling one over on his classmates. Apparently one student was confused why there was cake in her ice cream, while another tried to figure out how we managed to get the cake to fit so perfectly inside the cone. After the first lick, all of the kids were confused about why their ice cream was not frozen, and why it tasted like frosting. At this point Robby stood up and screamed "Happy April Fool's Day. Consider yourselves pranked, Robby style."

Although I had doubts that his ploy would work, it turns out that none of the students have ever seen the ice cream cone cupcake. I found this surprising because I consider the treat to be a childhood staple. I guess this staple is now considered nostalgic?  Regardless, I'm glad that Robby was able to adequately surprise his friends with a friendly April Fool's Day prank, and I was happy to be part of his master plan.

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