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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Non Star Gazers

Greetings from a cabin tucked away in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley!

Yesterday afternoon Robby, Scott and I packed up and headed out on a mini-adventure to participate in an astronomy presentation was being offered on a local mountaintop. Telescopes were to be set up and guides were to be available to explain what we were viewing. I had no doubt that my little star gazer would love the opportunity to look through the high powered telescope with a real astronomer by his side.

My mom graciously offered to come down to take care of Timmy for the night. Although I felt torn leaving him at home, I knew that he would be happier at home. Being schlepped into the cold mountain air in the middle of the night is not typically appreciated by an infant. I felt pangs of guilt as we were driving away despite knowing that he was better off at home with my Mom.  I will have years to enjoy adventures with Timmy, but this one was not appropriate for him.

For as much as I struggled with the decision to let Timmy stay home, Robby seemed to embrace leaving him behind. He sprinted out the door when it was time to leave, screaming good-bye Hamlet as the door slammed behind him. The only reference for the rest of the afternoon made about his little brother was him saying "it sure is nice without Hamlet. We should ask Nana to watch him more often."  Brotherly love at its strongest.

After driving through the mountains, a trip dampened by the drizzling rain, we finally arrived at the lodge. It is absolutely gorgeous. We spent the afternoon walking around the park, trying to soak in as much nature as possible.  Unfortunately the rain interfered with our plans, forcing us inside prematurely.

The rain persisted throughout the evening, thwarting the full astronomy experience. We listened to the lecture, but the rain and heavy cloud cover made viewing anything through the telescope impossible. Needless to say, we were all disappointed.

Despite the non-star gazing experience, we had a great mini vacation. A change of scenery was just what we needed. Although I missed Timmy dearly, I must admit that the solid night's sleep was sorely needed and most welcome. 

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