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Monday, December 29, 2014

Bye Bye Holiday

This holiday season I was reminded about how much I despise traveling this time of year. Nothing can move me from jolly to bah humbug like having to pack up a suitcase and get on a plane. Even if I am only gone for two days, by the time I return home I find myself devoid of all Christmas spirit. 

We are finally home from visiting Scott's mother for a few days. I am now completely done with all things holiday related. I no longer want to look at the twinkle lights on the tree or the Christmas cookies on my counter. In all honesty, I found myself becoming frustrated when I saw homes adorned with holiday lights last night. I had to pause to remind myself that Christmas was only a few short days ago, even though right now it feels like a lifetime. I plan on spending the day purging my house of the holiday clutter while putting this season behind us. 

Please don't get me wrong--we had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Between our trips to Williamsburg and Pennsylvania, we have fully embraced the magic of the season.  I am completely out of magic and don't particularly want to invest the energy in mustering more. I am yearning for the normalcy of our pre-holiday routines. Right now, I just want Santa and all of his glitter laden friends to go back into their box under my stairs. 

Bring on 2015- I'm ready!

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