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Friday, January 02, 2015

New Traditions

Yesterday I found myself overwhelmed with pride and admiration for my little Koopa. He was able to conquer his fears and anxieties by following through on his pledge to take the Penguin Plunge. He is growing into such a wonderful young man!

The temperature was hovering around freezing when we arrived for the Plunge. Unfortunately the strong winds did not help with our quest for warmth. Bundled in our heavy coats and winter attire, I was dreading Robby stripping down almost as much as him.

Despite complaining about the cold, in the end he ran into the water like a true champion. He went further and deeper than most of the adults. It was only when he was walking on shore that he realized that he had lost his shoes in the water, forcing him to take the plunge again to retrieve them. 

I am grateful that my cousin Dan came out to cheer on Team Koopa Kids. After Robby came out of the water the second time Dan scooped him up, threw him over his shoulder and ran to the warm changing tent. A few minutes later my little Plunger emerged chilly but dry, sporting a grin from ear to ear. 

After the Plunge everybody went to my Mom's house, where she had homemade soups and lasagna ready to warm us all up. It may not have been the traditional New Year's meal, but the afternoon was spent with family and friends. I have a feeling that the Penguin Plunge may become our new yearly tradition. 

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