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Monday, January 05, 2015

Return to Normal

After an extremely busy Christmas holiday, today is the day that everything will return to normal. (Or at the least our schedule will return to the closest to normal that we can muster!) Both Scott and Robby return to school and, although they won't admit it, I think they are happy to be resuming their schedule. Even if they aren't thrilled about going back to school, this Mom couldn't be happier!

I love having them home, but 16 days was a long time to be out of our routine. They were both on vacation, but I was still working. Again I became frustrated about the constant interruptions when I was trying to finish projects.  I began to wake up before dawn to tackle my work in solitude. By the time they rolled out of bed, I had already worked 5 or 6 hours. I can keep that schedule for a week or two, but long term it begins to wear me down.

I'm going to try to temper my smiles as I kiss Scott before he leaves for work this morning. I know that my grinning from ear to ear as he drives away will probably be misinterpreted. I enjoyed having him home for two weeks, I just don't like the extra work involved with having them mulling around all day.  Robby has missed his friends so I suspect that he won't mourn the end of vacation as much as his Daddy.

This week we will all slowly ease back into our school schedules. With all of the holiday festivities, housework has been nearly impossible to tackle. Today I'm hoping to spend a few hours tidying up and getting caught up on laundry. I have to admit that I'm also looking forward to some quiet Timmy Time. I suspect that an afternoon of relaxing, rocking and playing might be in my future. 

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