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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Starting Over

The wild weather of the past few days has thrown my leg into a tizzy. My leg is constantly aching during the day, not from socket or use but from the inside out. My toes hurt, which considering that those little piggies went to market, leads me to believe that the issue is phantom pain related.  I'm not debilitated by the discomfort, but I am quickly becoming tired and annoyed.

The pain and discomfort is reminiscent of my first year as an amputee. I am beginning to realize that, at least from a nerve perspective, I have regressed. I have been experiencing more phantom sensations since the re-amputation than I have in years, and needless to say I am not happy!

Although I can't say definitively, I have come to realize that this first year after my surgery may mirror my experiences after my initial amputation. While the adjustment to limb loss and a prosthetic were already conquered, physically my body is reacting the same way. My nerves are angry and the phantom pains are flaring up frequently with the intensity increasing by changes in weather.

I wasn't anticipating a flare-up in phantom pains this winter, but I suppose it makes sense. Although I have been an amputee for more than a decade, the bone and nerves have recently been cut. In a way my body thinks that the amputation is new. At least I have one weapon in my arsenal that I didn't have when I was a newbie- now I know how to manage and minimize the pain. I think that my leg massager and heating pad will be getting a work-out in the coming weeks.

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