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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Snow Day!

Monday night I had a difficult time falling asleep. Lying in bed, tossing and turning, I cursed the fact that I was now middle age. My bones were hurting so much that I couldn't find a comfortable position.

I woke up early on Tuesday to discover the source of my pain. What was predicted as a few possible flurries had formed into a full blown winter storm. We had four inches of beautiful snow blanketing our yard. Soon the calls started coming announcing first a two hour delay and finally a full closure. Both boys expressed their delight upon hearing of the school cancellation by rolling over and falling back to sleep.

After everybody woke up and ate the traditional "No School" breakfast of pancakes and bacon, Robby and I began to plan our snow adventures for the day. I was thrilled (and admittedly a little relieved) that he was eager to include Hamlet in our outdoor fun. After shooting down his suggestion of having a snowball fight, him vs. Timmy, we settled on sledding. We all dressed in our snow clothes and headed outside.

Timmy looked absolutely adorable in his little Snoopy bunting. I suppose that the coat is even more special because it was Robby's. I have photos of my holding Robby wearing the bunting during his first snowstorm. It felt surreal that the scene was now being replayed with a new baby.

After posing for a few pictures, I strapped Timmy into his little sled and Robby took the rope. Reiterating the ban on snowball fights and reminding him to go slow, Robby carefully began to pull his little brother across the driveway. Timmy seemed excited to be outside and part of the action because he was smiling from ear to ear.  I was a little nervous about allowing Robby to pull Timmy, but after awhile I began to relax. Eventually I found myself thankful for his help. Trying to tow the sled only reminded me that I am not yet 100% recovered from the hysterectomy surgery.

Watching Robby and Timmy play in the snow warmed my heart. Timmy's childhood is going to be a completely different experience because of his interactions with his big brother. I am not going to be expected to be his primary (and many times only) playmate. This is a role I am happy to share with Robby.

 The photo below is of Robby when he was enjoying his first snow. 

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