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Friday, January 09, 2015

Robby's Little Ditty

Yesterday afternoon I picked up a smiling and happy Robby from school. He chatted all the way home, a rarity these days when he typically grabs my cell phone and starts playing games as soon as he buckles his seat belt. He talked about his friends, their interactions and what they played during recess. Only after I pressed him did he reveal what he did academically. 

His jovial demeanor continued through dinner where he regaled his Daddy with the same stories I heard on the way home. When he was done talking about his day, Scott took the opportunity to inquire about his piano lessons. Robby said that they went well, but added that he had a good time in music class today. 

"Today in music we all had to take turns making up a song. Miss Olga gave us a tune and we had to come up with words and sing it to everybody. At first I was nervous, but I decided to man up and sing loud and proud."

Of course Scott and I asked for an encore performance. Robby stood up at the table, adjusted his shirt, and loudly sang this little ditty.

Curse you Nana, for the bean soup.
You gave it to my Momom and it makes her toot.
Her toots are really loud.
Her toots go really long.
With a smell that bad it is just wrong.

Sigh. I think we need to revisit the personal information vs. school/ public sharing again.

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  1. Hahahahahaha!!! Remember, Peggy, you've raised this child to be open minded. Looks like open mouthed kicked in, too! :) --Misty