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Monday, January 12, 2015

Game Night

I have a vague feeling that tonight there might be a big football game being played? I'm kidding of course. I have been inundated with information about player stats, predictions from experts, and other seemingly nonsensical information for the past few weeks. I find it amazing that hundreds of hours of sports commentary have be filled simply talking about the possible outcome of a single game. I don't understand my husband's compulsion to watch every video segment, and to read every article detailing the game. He has been watching the team all season. Certainly he knows their abilities and weaknesses by now!

Scott is a huge Ohio State fan, and the fact that his school is playing for the National Championship has him simultaneously delighted and terrified. He spent the weekend glued to ESPN and the internet, absorbing all of the commentary. Apparently the Buckeyes are the underdogs. I've tried to change his perspective, pointing out that most of the teams he roots for are long shots.  Note to self- that was not a good approach.

Needless to say, I have a feeling that my husband has been prepped almost as much as the players.  (Another tidbit I learned this weekend- it is not advantageous to remind the fan that he or she is not playing in the game so getting hyped up is unnecessary.)  I have the fridge stocked with all of the tasty treats deemed lucky. Hopefully Ohio will win because if they lose, the snacks will be demoted to the unlucky category. My snack selection is becoming severely impacted by this system!

Scott is a nervous wreck today, but I am eagerly anticipating Wednesday morning when the game, followed by the 24 hour follow-up coverage, is over! For the sake of my husband, and for my own sanity, I am hoping that Ohio can prove the naysayers wrong.  Go Buckeyes!

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