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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Misplaced Aggression

Yesterday during the pre-dawn hours, I mustered the courage to go downstairs to check the status of our freezer. Rationally I knew that it was still going to be broken. While I would have been eternally grateful if a team of little repair elves had sneaked into my house to fix the appliance, I suspected that they had passed over my house again. Still though, I held a glimmer of hope that I would be met with the comforting humming from the compressor when I opened the garage door.

Instead, I heard the deafening silence of a defunct appliance. I responded in the most logical manner. I proceeded to kick the side of the freezer, hard, hoping to somehow jump start the motor.  (This is where there lies a true benefit to being a prosthetic user. I can kick things repeatedly and never feel a thing!)

Even during the midst of my kickboxing bout with the now useless metal box, I knew that my emotions were misplaced. Since I can't physically attack other people and situations, the freezer became the unwitting recipient of my penned up aggression. Although it did nothing to bring life back into the freezer, kicking it repeatedly made me feel better.  Perhaps it is time to investigate purchasing a punching bag on Craigslist?

After I finished the appliance smack-down, I ventured back upstairs and began to regroup. Drinking a cup of coffee I quietly researched freezers. I hated that we had to buy another one, but when I considered that ours was 15 years old, I could no longer complain. There is never a good time to buy an appliance, but our old one had served us well for a long time. I actually started to feel remorse for my going kick crazy.

By the end of the day a new freezer had taken residence in the basement.  Our old one, now slightly dented from my mini-meltdown, is ready to be taken to the dump. My anger may have been misplaced, but releasing it sure felt liberating!

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