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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baking Buddy

Yesterday Robby had yet another snow day. Since there was not a speck of snow or ice on the ground, I was a tad surprised that school had been cancelled. Apparently the powers that be are hyper-cautious this year. I suppose it is better to be cautious when buses travel during inclement weather, but a day off for no precipitation seemed a bit drastic. Regardless, he was home and utterly delighted.

It has been a long time since Robby has been home with me without his Daddy. Although Scott was sad that his school was not granted the same cancellation, part of me was excited to be home alone with Robby and Timmy. With Hamlet strapped to my chest, my cooking Koopa and I spent the day in the kitchen, whipping up a variety of cookies and cakes. 

I have been baking with Robby since he was born. He used to beg to help me bake cookies to the point where we were parceling out our goodies to whomever would take them.  During the past few years as his interests have expanded, his eagerness to help me bake has waned.  Every once in awhile he asks to bake, and I have learned to jump on those opportunities. 

We began the day by whipping up a honey cake for him to take to school. In all fairness, I have no idea how it is going to taste. Robby is learning about Ancient Rome in school and discovered that the Romans used to devour honey cakes. A quick Google search and we were baking like the Romans, only with the addition of a Kitchenaid stand mixer and oven in lieu of slave labor and fire. I'm not sure how it will taste, yet I'm fairly certain it is not going to be good by today's standards. Regardless, he had a great time whipping up an Ancient Roman treat for his friends and is excited to share his creation today.

When we pulled the honey cake out of the oven, I assumed Robby's interest in baking with me would vanish. I was delighted to be wrong. He asked to make cookies for his Daddy and for Mr. Bill. My little Koopa and I ended up spending the entire afternoon in the kitchen, baking and talking. I found our time together comfortably reminiscent of our days when he was younger. 

I wasn't expecting a school cancellation, but I sure did need the special time with Robby. He is growing up too quickly, and I've come to cherish any time that he wants to spend with me. 

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