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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter Bunny

With my headache finally gone, I feel like I am able to concentrate enough to write about our Easter. Because of the extensive traveling we have done and the passing of my Dad, this year we kept the holiday relatively low key. I don't think any of us felt celebratory, but I still felt the need to make the day somewhat special.  In retrospect the boys would have been just as happy ordering a pizza and watching hockey on TV in lieu of a proper holiday dinner.

This was the first holiday that Robby has indicated doubt concerning the legitimacy of the magical visitors. My first clue was his putting the Easter Bunny in air quotes whenever referencing him. After I ignored the air quoting, he finally just said, "Momom, I don't think that the Easter Bunny is real." With that statement my heart sank. Doubt is the first step towards full blown discovery, and I know that it will probably happen quickly.

I decided to put the onus for discovery on Robby. His starting to ask questions is an indication that belief is waning, but I am in no hurry to speed along the process with a full confession. Instead I just shrugged and explained that it is up to him if he wants to believe.

He didn't really talk about the Easter Bunny again until Saturday night. We were still at my Mom's and he asked where the Easter Bunny would leave his treats. We explained that the surprises would probably be left at our home. He smirked and said, "Well, then I guess I'll be able to tell if this (imagine air quotes) Easter Bunny is fact or fiction because you and Dad are here at Nana's with me."

In that moment my mind began spinning through different scenarios to put out his treats and hide the eggs without his noticing. Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. I called Mr. Bill who spent Easter morning hiding our eggs and presents for the boys.

Robby was flabbergasted when he came home and spied an egg by the fire pit. I could see him trying to process how the eggs were hidden when we were all together two states away. The confusion quickly gave way to a huge smile. It was almost as if I could see the belief filter back into my little Koopa.

He may not believe for much longer, but we made it through one more holiday with the magic intact!

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