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Monday, May 25, 2015

Productive Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!

The boys and I spent the weekend visiting my Mom while Scott enjoyed some much needed bachelor time at home.  Yesterday was Scott's favorite day of the year, filled with non-stop auto racing.  The first lap ran at 6 AM and the festivities didn't end until 11 PM. Needless to say, I felt comfortable leaving him alone with his TV, safe in the knowledge that we would probably not be missed.

Although the weekend wasn't particularly restful, it was extremely productive.  I was able to help my Mom with her lengthy to-do list.  I'm leaving happy, knowing that we accomplished almost everything that has been frustrating her.

From laying down mulch to fixing bicycles, I was a Peggy of all trades.  Robby was moderately helpful, although he was content relaxing inside with his Nana. To my surprise, he asked to stay an extra day because he was having so much fun.

My sister and her brood moved in with my Mom over two years ago, but this weekend they were all off on different adventures.  This visit was reminiscent of our time before her family moved into the house. I think Robby quite enjoyed the quiet and not having to share his Nana.  My Mom and Robby spent a lot of time playing outside, giggling and talking. It was only while they were playing that I realized it has been a long time since they interacted in that manner.  Robby even noticed, grinning from ear to ear and remarking that it was like the "good old days." 

We are heading home today, and back to reality tomorrow.  Summer vacation is peeking around the corner, so close we are counting down. This weekend was a great kick start to the Summer of Awesome II. 

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