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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Water Fun

I fully admit that I have been in a funk lately. I suspect that the loss of my Dad is only beginning to hit me, and the reality that I will never speak to him again has left me reeling. I feel overwhelmed with grief when I contemplate the finality of his loss, so like everything else unpleasant I am trying to just push it out of my mind. 

Thankfully, yesterday was just what I needed to snap myself out of my pity party! It was warm with the bright yellow sun shining against a brilliantly blue sky. Although I had a pile of work inside, I knew that the weather was just too beautiful to miss. I figured insomnia would be my friend, allowing me to work through the night to catch up.

It wasn't until I was outside, playing with Timmy, that I realized that I have been craving sunshine. I could feel all of my anxieties slipping away as I concentrated on just enjoying the weather with my little playmate. (In all fairness it is nearly impossible to be sad when you are surrounded by a seemingly never ending chorus of baby giggles.)

Because the temperatures were so warm, I decided that it was the perfect day to set up his new water table. Much like his older brother, Hamlet is becoming quite a water bug. He loves nothing more than splashing, pouring and pushing water around. Of course the "simple assembly" took me nearly an hour, so the table wasn't ready for water until it was time to go pick up Robby from school.  (The complexity of assembling what should be a simple plastic toy will never cease to amaze me!)

It turns out that waiting for Robby to come home from school before filling the water table was a great plan. I'm not sure which amused Timmy more, splashing in the water or the fact that his big brother was actively playing with him.  Although I know he enjoyed the water table, I'm fairly certain that he was more excited about the attention from Robby. His eyes light up with utter devotion whenever Robby takes the time to play with him. 

The three of us spent several hours playing with the water table last night. By the time we were done everybody was thoroughly soaked. I guess it is time for me to pull my swim leg out again, because it took me a long time to drain the water out of my foot shell when we were ready to come inside.  The fact that I'm now squeaking is a gentle clue that I didn't quite get it completely dry. 

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