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Friday, May 15, 2015

Adventure Fridays

Robby has been looking forward to today for the past three weeks. He was worried when he was sick that our plans were going to change, but he has fully recovered and is going to be able to participate in today's adventure.  In my quest to celebrate springtime and create memories, I have resurrected "Adventure Fridays." 

Each Friday Robby's school releases early allowing parents an opportunity to take their kids on day trips or to participate in other activities. In reality most of the kids at the school end up staying at school where they are shuffled to the "after care" room and essentially just babysat until the end of the day.  Robby is not keen on aftercare, and I always do my best to pick him up at the end of the instruction portion of his day. 

In the fall we were in the habit of doing a fun activity every Friday. Typically I allowed Robby to invite a classmate along with us on our adventures, mainly because it is considerably easier wrangling him when he is with a peer.  We fell out of the habit of our Adventure Fridays over the winter, but with the weather changing, I have become inspired to bring back the tradition.

This morning I am picking up Robby and his friend Kabir from school and we are going to visit Great Country Farms.  (We recently bought a CSA membership to the farm which provides both produce and unlimited access to the property.) I know that the boys are looking forward to bouncing, climbing and playing on the various structures because they have been counting down the days since I proposed the trip a few weeks ago. 

Robby is most excited about taking his friend fishing on the farm. Our fishing poles are ready (thanks to Mr. Bill) and we have three packs of cheap hot dogs ready for bait. I know that the boys are going to have a great time and that this will be a fabulous beginning of our new Friday tradition. Although Timmy is too young to really enjoy the farm activities and probably won't get much out of the fishing experience, he is sure to enjoy looking around and watching everybody.  I'm looking forward to a great day!

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