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Monday, May 18, 2015

Farm Fun

Friday I resurrected what has been dubbed "Adventure Friday" by taking Robby and his friend to the farm for the afternoon.  In addition to being a working farm, the facility boasts numerous playgrounds, fishing ponds, climbing and jumping structures as well as variety of different size slides.  Robby and I have enjoyed our visits to the farm so much that this year we decided to become full-fledged members by purchasing a CSA membership.  In addition to getting a box full of freshly picked produce every week, we will be able to play and fish to our hearts content all summer long. 

My arms and stroller were overflowing with picnic lunches, fishing poles, tackle boxes, a packed diaper bag, extra bottles of water and Timmy, as I slowly made my way to the fishing pond.  (The friends took off at a full sprint as soon as we cleared the admission gate.)  Thankfully, I'm in a comfortable socket so, although I was a bit tentative about traversing the terrain with my vision obstructed by stuff, I was able to make my way safely.  Timmy seemed to thoroughly enjoy the four-wheeling experiencing of his stroller being pushed through a rutty field.

I did find it ironic that the two boys, who didn't really want anything to do with me when we arrived, suddenly became inviting and engaging when they needed me to bait their hooks. I also had to chuckle when the little men came scampering back to me to get help taking the fish off the line.

It turns out that having a prosthetic foot is a real benefit when fishing. I could gently step on the flipping fish without having to feel a thing.  Of course, unfortunate for the first few fish, it did take me awhile to figure out the correct amount of pressure I needed to apply to secure but not squish.  In my defense, I don't think I harmed any fish, but I certainly angered a few. I think I need to add a pair of fish gloves to the tackle box. 

Everybody (with the exception of a few fish) had a great time at the farm.  I suspect that the highlight was Robby catching a snapping turtle with his fishing pole. He was delighted to have caught a koopa and understanding when I simply cut the line and sacrificed his hook and bobber.  I was not willing to risk my fingers!
This was a wonderful start to Adventure Friday 2015.

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