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Friday, May 22, 2015

Breathing Treatments

This has been the first morning that I have felt a sense of optimism that Timmy is turning the corner fighting his little cold. He has been coughing and dealing with a green runny nose for weeks and, despite our best efforts, nothing was helping. Coughing during the day is one thing, but his constant hacking all night was beginning to border on torturous for all involved.

Yesterday he went to the doctor who prescribed a series of breathing treatments. Initially I was upset that the treatments were warranted, but I also knew that in the realm of things that could be "wrong" with my child, this was minor.  I quickly realized that his little body needed help, and and was hopeful that these breathing treatments would work. 

Holding the little mask up to his mouth last night saddened me, but Timmy was a trooper. His fears were quickly redirected by his big brother sitting next to him, reading him a book.  Thankfully the treatment was not nearly as traumatic as we had feared.

Yielding results that were almost magical, Timmy slept through the night without coughing! He woke up this morning happy and energetic. I feel a sense of relief that we have finally found something to help my little Hamlet.

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