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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun Times

Today is the last Friday of the school year!

I can't believe that I will soon have a fourth grader. All of a sudden he looks so grown up and has somehow changed from a little kid to a big kid overnight. It seems like just yesterday I was crouching behind a fence to spy on him during his first day of Kindergarten. We have both come a long way!

Today is also our last "Adventure Friday" of the year, and we are ending the series on a high note.  Scott has planned to sneak out of work a little early and is going to take Robby to the matinee IMAX presentation of Jurassic World. Needless to say, he is excited about both the movie and spending the afternoon alone with his Daddy. 

When the pair comes home from the movie, we will all pack up and head back to the pool.  Timmy is becoming quite a little water bug, laughing and splashing in his little pool boat. He finds it especially amusing when his big brother swims underneath him and pinches his toes. Scott met us at the pool yesterday after he was finished with work and remarked that he could hear Timmy giggling from the parking lot.

An added benefit of our late afternoon pool time was not expected but is very welcome. Swimming makes Timmy tired, which equates to a bedtime routine lacking in drama as well as enjoying a solid night sleep. This morning he slept until 5:00! I woke up refreshed, feeling like I was on vacation because of the extra sleep afforded by my little guy.  If this holds true, I suspect that late afternoon pool visits will become a summer family tradition.

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