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Monday, June 08, 2015

Sticky Mess

Between running errands and working around the house and yard, the weekend just flew away. It is hard to believe that we are facing another Monday, but considering that we only have one more left before summer vacation, I think we will all survive. We are definitely in the home stretch, and at this point I'm not sure who is more excited. 

Robby is delighted to be finishing up another school year.  He "graduated" to the fourth grade on Friday, providing some closure on the school year despite the fact that he has eight more days of classes.  I was so proud of him as he recited his speech and played his piano songs for the audience. (Considering that the audience was comprised of his teachers, two other parents, Scott, my Mom and myself, he had a lot of support!) I know that he was nervous, but he was able to gather his courage to take the spotlight. 

After the recital I took Robby and his friend, along with my Mom and Timmy, to lunch. We should have known better than to allow Robby free reign while choosing.  We ended up at a mediocre yet overpriced all-you-can-eat buffet. Definitely not my choice, but seeing the delight on my little Koopa's face was worth sacrificing both the money and a good meal.

Robby and his friends thoroughly enjoyed the buffet, gorging on everything from chicken legs to ice cream.  By the time we rolled out of the restaurant, they were both stuffed, happy and covered with crumbs and food. While the friends were bingeing, my Mom and I were occupied with Timmy. It turns out that the little guy is quite a fan of marshmallows, which are not only sweet to munch but sticky and fun to smear over everything. After he was thoroughly coated in gooey sugar, my Mom took the opportunity to head home. 

I tried to hose Timmy off in the bathroom to no avail. No matter how much I tried to wash off of him, he resembled fly paper in that every single part of his body was sticky. I finally gave up cleaning him at the restaurant and strapped him into the car seat despite being fairly certain that the sugar glue would keep him in place through any sort of collision.  On the positive side, we introduced a new food and he wasn't allergic!  

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