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Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of Fourth Grade.

Saturday afternoon Scott and I finally decided that it was time to have a talk with Robby. We knew that it needed to be done, yet we were both dreading the conversation. Although I suspected that he knew it was a matter of time, I know that the words still stung when he heard them. Carefully staging the conversation over a bowl of ice cream we revealed that summer vacation was over, and on Monday he was going to return to school. He was not a happy Kooopa!

It is hard to fathom that this morning I will drive a fourth grader to school. Didn't he just start kindergarten? Although I know that he is going to have a great year and learn volumes, it still saddens me to see him leave. 

Per our tradition, Mr. Bill and I will be going out for breakfast after I drop Robby off for his first day. No matter what grade he is entering, I always seem to shed a tear when I drive away on the first day. Going out with Mr. Bill provides the distraction that I need to help me acclimate to the emptier house. I listen to his stories and he laughs at my shed tears.

The house will feel lonely during the next few days as Timmy and I adjust to be alone. I suspect that he is going to miss his brother dearly, and I fear that he will invent mischievous ways to fill the void. My little Hamlet has a way of exploring and having fun that always seems to leave a mess in his wake.  Chasing after his fearless curiosity is definitely going to help fill the time until I pick up Robby from school. 

First day of school pics will be posted as soon as I come home from breakfast, so check back!

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