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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jumping Pillow

For the past five months, every Wednesday we have packed up and headed to our CSA farm. We pick up our weekly box of freshly picked veggies, climb onto the tractor to go into the fields to help harvest whatever is ripe, and spend some time playing on the massive playground.  No matter how hectic our schedules have become, we all look forward to our weekly trips to "our farm."

Over the summer we have enjoyed nearly every feature of the sprawling farm. From fishing to climbing, I have done almost everything with the boys. The only thing that I haven't done with the boys is play and bounce on the giant jumping pillow.

Going inside a bounce house is within my comfort zone. In fact, Timmy and I bounce almost every day. I have found that it is a great way for him to expel some energy while I reap the benefits of a full body workout. Nothing tires him out for a nap more than going jumping with me.

The jumping pillow, although still centered around the same activity, is completely different than a bounce house. Instead of a step to enter, the sides are sloped. Whereas the bounce house is flat, the pillow is essentially a giant bubble. The curves have always intimidated me and have served to keep me grounded.

Unfortunately for Timmy, he has always been a forced observer rather than participant on the jumping pillow. Yesterday, I cold tell that he really wanted to jump with his brother. Wanting him to have fun, I decided that it was time for me to try. I scooped him out of his stroller and carefully walked with him onto the top of the pillow.

Although it wasn't the easiest climb, I made it to the top! My little Hamlet was beyond happy to be bouncing with his big brother. I'm sure that his squeals and giggles could be heard across the farm. We bounced, played and laughed until we were sweaty and tired.

I am so happy that I was able to conquer the jumping pillow. Like so many things, my own fears turned out to be the true obstacle.  Climbing to the top of the pillow wasn't the easiest thing, but the view from the top (my two happy boys playing together) was well worth the effort!

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