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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rough Housing

Yesterday I sprung Robby from school a little early so that we could enjoy the fabulous fall weather at the farm. Before the judging starts, know that the early dismissal had the blessing of his teacher. His school values off campus experiences and encourages families to participate in and enjoy community resources.  This educational philosophy is one of the many reasons that Scott and I have chosen this school for Robby. 

Both boys love our weekly farm visits. Robby because he thoroughly enjoys visiting the animals and playing on the various structures and amusements. Timmy simply delights in spending time outside with his big brother. Usually content to tag along behind, pure joy emanates from Hamlet on those rare occasions when his brother actually plays with him instead of just next to him.

Unfortunately, rough housing with a toddler is vastly different than rough housing with another 9 year old.  Timmy doesn't realize that his brother is being rough and smiles through the pain inflicted simply because he is happy for the attention.  Robby doesn't appreciate that he is being too rough because Timmy continues to smile and giggle. I end up standing on the sidelines squawking for Robby to calm it down and play nice. This cycle typically continues until either Robby becomes bored and finds a new activity, I intervene or Timmy becomes hurt. 

Yesterday our fun farm visit ended with me dabbing blood off of the tip of Timmy's nose. Despite my constant warnings to calm down the play, my littlest guy ended up getting hurt on the jumping pillow. It is just a brush burn injury, but hopefully drawing blood will serve as a reminder for Robby to heed my warnings.  Thankfully, his pain was quickly soothed by a few pushes on the swing and feeding the goats. 

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