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Monday, September 21, 2015

Part of the Group

For the first time since Robby began school five years ago I actually feel comfortable around the parents of his classmates. Being involved in his life, through whatever avenue necessary, has always been a priority. Despite my efforts to forge friendly relationships with the other parents, I have habitually felt like an outsider.

I suspect that my feelings of being ostracized are probably equal part reality and perception. I have almost a decade on the majority of the other parents. Other than our kids, I just don't really know what I'm supposed to talk about with them. Typically my conversation fodder runs out after five minutes, leaving awkward stumbling and silence until I can figure out how to escape.

If I were to be completely honest, I also feel different from the other moms because of my disability. The fact that I utilize a prosthetic leg is well known and quite obvious. While I'm not ashamed of my amputation, I continue to struggle with feelings of isolation because of it. I can't hide the fact that I look "different" than all of the younger (and considerably perkier) moms.  When I am in a social situation with other parents, I tend to retreat which only intensifies the feelings of not belonging.

While I love chaperoning Robby's field trips, part of me always dreads the forced socializing. Last Friday, while Robby was chomping at the bit to spend the day at the Battlefield with his friends, I was trying to mentally prepare for a day of awkward and forced conversation. Thankfully my worries were for naught because I actually enjoyed talking with the parents who came on our field trip.

I'm not sure if I am more confident or if this group of parents is different, but I felt comfortable and part of the group. I didn't experience the feeling of being isolated from the parent clique. Instead, our conversations flowed organically and comfortably. I actually think I could be friends with these people outside of school!  Who knows, this may be the first year I don't dread taking Robby to birthday parties.

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