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Friday, December 18, 2015

Date Night

Ever since Robby was four he has loved hearing the Nutcracker music. Whenever it plays, albeit in a store, mall or at home, he stops and strains to listen. This year he learned that the music actually accompanies a ballet (I don't know how he missed this tidbit) and he asked if we could try to get tickets.  Thanks to a fantastic LivingSocial deal, I was able to grant his Nutcracker wish with ease.

I am not sure what YouTube video or movie he watched, but Robby certainly had a vision of what one wore to the ballet. Earlier this week he asked me what I was planning on wearing on our date.  He was not satisfied with hearing "a dress" because before I knew it, my little guy and I were shopping for something he deemed "fancy enough." Robby carefully shopped the store aisles until he found me the perfect dress. Blue velvet because it felt smooth and looked "fancy and festive." 

Last night was our date night. He insisted on wearing his tuxedo, complete with top hat. (He wanted a walking stick but I managed to convince him that he didn't need it because he doesn't have trouble walking.) I donned my new dress, complete with sparkly necklace and tiara.  Thanks to my little stylist, we certainly made a statement.

After dinner at Cheesecake Factory (gentleman's choice) we headed to the ballet. Needless to say, we garnered smiles and compliments wherever we walked! Robby loved the ballet and beamed in awe throughout the performance. As soon as the final curtain fell he began asking to make our Nutcracker date a tradition. I guess we will add it to our ever-growing list of Christmas activities!

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