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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Disability "Perks"

Vowing to maintain a semblance of a schedule, a few weeks ago Dave and I recorded another podcast. We were rather boastful with our accomplishment of recording on time, even congratulating ourselves for a job well done before disconnecting the call. I promised to upload the recording in a day or two so that we could maintain our newly adopted schedule.

Despite my best intentions, the recording sat idle in my computer cloud for two weeks. I tried to upload it once but met with some technical glitches which frustrated me to the point of angrily logging off the computer. I've been meaning to return to complete the upload but seemed to get distracted every time I remembered.

Finally, after two weeks of frequently remembering but never doing, the file is uploaded. This episode of Amp'd was inspired by a recent (well, now it isn't quite breaking news) story concerning a Paralympic athlete's request for a handicapped bus pass. This irony led Dave and I into a meandering path where we evaluated the odd hypocrisies that we both assume concerning the acceptance of disability "perks."


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  1. I TOTALLY disagree with the choice of parking in a disabled space without a placard or plate. If you can't take the time to go get one, you shouldn't park in one, EVER. There is no justification to do it anytime, anywhere! What if you are parked in one and someone who DOES have a placard or plate pulls up and NEEDS to park there? In my opinion, LAME!!!