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Monday, December 07, 2015

Family Holiday Fun

A holiday trip has quickly become a tradition in our family. Last year we went to Williamsburg, but this year we decided to soak up the festive spirit a little closer to home. This past weekend we packed up and went to stay at a Christmas-themed resort in National Harbor. 

With over two million lights adorning the massive lobby and atrium area, the setting was simply breathtaking. It was hard to not feel the holiday spirit when walking around the hotel and through the harbor shops. Everybody, Timmy included, seemed to enjoy the leisurely afternoon we spent on Saturday. It has been a long time since we simply strolled through an area. We have become so busy that being able to relax and just unwind together has become a luxury.

Of course, we weren't the only family with the idea of going to National Harbor for a pre-holiday getaway. The hotel, although massive, was packed. I typically don't mind crowds, but fighting through them at every turn became frustrating. I think we would have spent more time outside of our hotel room if we didn't have to retreat from the overwhelming hustle and bustle around us.

To my delight, Timmy surprised everybody by sleeping well. I was prepared for a difficult and sleepless night because he typically doesn't do well when traveling. Thankfully none of my worries came to fruition. Although he had some trouble settling down, when he did finally fall asleep he slept soundly through the night. (In full disclosure, he ended up falling asleep on the floor. Instead of risking waking him up to move him, we opted to cover him up. He didn't stir until morning.)

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday getaway, but it was nice to come home. I spent Sunday tidying up and getting ready for the week while the boys watched sports and videos. I think we would all like to return to the hotel, but maybe we will go during the off-season. We'll miss out on all of the lights, but I don't think we'll miss the crowds.

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