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Friday, December 11, 2015


Robby was delighted when we turned into our driveway after school and he spied his Nana on the swing set. She didn't come down for a casual visit, after all 3 hours is too far to drive for a drop-in. Instead, she was planning on attending his magic performance.  

My little Koopa has been taking magic classes for the past few months. At first I was surprised when he inquired about lessons, but after some thought I realized that magic is a logical extension of his interests.  Probably due to his ear issues, he is certainly not athletic. (At this point his 19 month old brother can throw a ball better than he can.) 

Robby is not a child driven by competition. He roots for everybody! When he was playing hockey, he was chastised by the coach for cheering when the other team made a goal. He was genuinely happy for the players success, regardless of the team colors being worn.  

Scott and I have been searching to help Robby found an extracurricular interest and were delighted when we found the magic classes. While I wasn't thrilled about tackling DC traffic during rush hour to ferry him to and from his class, I accepted my fate as Mom taxi driver. Seeing Robby's excited face when he walked out of the class, and listening to him recount all of his "amazing feats of magic" repaid me for the hours in traffic.  

Yesterday was Robby's big magic show. Dressed in his magician's tuxedo (with top hat) I could tell that he felt both confident and ready to perform. Standing alone in front of an audience is difficult for anybody but he handled his nerves beautifully. I'm proud of my little magician!

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