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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Back to the Grind

The boys have been back in school for a few days, and we are slowly starting to creep back into our schedule. Robby begrudgingly rolls out of bed each morning, peppering me with complaints about being tired and being deprived of sleep. I remind him that he fought going to bed the night before and suggest an earlier bedtime to allow him more time to sleep.  Eventually he huffs out of bed, gets dressed, eats his waffle and prepares for the day. I would love to have a morning without the wake-up drama, but I have slowly accepted that he will not be cheerful in the mornings until summer. 

Despite being a "grumpy bug" each morning, he is thriving in school. We received his report card yesterday, and I am delighted to reveal that he earned all A's. (Okay, perhaps I am bragging a little bit but it's my blog so I figure it is okay.)  Equally as important as his grades, Robby received high marks for his personal conduct and citizenship. He might be grumpy at home, but continues to be a little charmer at school.

Timmy has had a difficult time adjusting to the quiet house. He cries each morning when we drop off Robby, squawking his displeasure until I pull into the driveway. Our ten minute commute has begun to feel like an hour due to his irate protests.

Every day I've been taking him to the bounce house both to distract him and to tire him. He certainly loves to jump and climb! He is far more adventurous than Robby was at the same age. I never worried about Robby climbing to the top of slides, but it feels like I'm constantly pulling Timmy down and redirecting him to a more age appropriate structure. I worry that I have a little dare devil on my hands!

So far, it appears that everybody is transitioning back into the work schedule relatively unscathed. Of course, it's only Wednesday...

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