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Friday, February 12, 2016

Young Romeo

Today is the Valentine's Day party at Robby's school. Normally this is the easiest party for me to host.  With the class majority being boys, it is difficult to garner a lot of excitement for pink hearts and lace doilies. I learned a few years ago that all they really need is a few heart shaped pizzas, cupcakes and a chance to exchange candy laden cards. 

Yesterday after school Robby and I went to the store to pick up a few Valentine's Day treats for the party. While there, I told him to pick up something for his teacher.  He came back to the cart with two giant red cellophane covered heart shaped boxes of candy. Without waiting for me to ask, he casually explained that one is for his Miss Abeer (his teacher) and the other is for his friend Jenna. 

I knew that asking questions would embarrass him, so I just said okay and continued to check out. I felt oddly conflicted buying a Valentine's Day gift for my son to give to a girl. On one hand I know that he is nine years old, almost ten, and that this is the age that crushes will start to emerge. At the same time, I look at him and all I see is my little boy.

Last night before bed Robby curled up next to me and asked me for a favor. He explained that Jenna is a friend and that she is nice but not his girlfriend. He wanted to give her chocolate for Valentine's Day because it is a nice thing to do and would make her happy. But he didn't want her to think that he wanted to be her boyfriend. He was worried that the heart box would send the wrong message, so would I mind taking him back to the store this morning so that he could pick up the funny Easter candy that he remembered seeing.

Sigh.  I had forgotten about the complicated nature of young crushes.  So, in order to help out my budding Romeo, I will run to the store this morning to buy Easter candy for a girl who is "just a nice friend."   So much for Valentine's Day being easy!

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