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Monday, March 28, 2016


We had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Saturday afternoon we packed up the boys and went to see the Easter Bunny. None of my boys (Scott included) was particularly fond of the notion of going to the mall to stand in a long line so that they could pose in front of a giant furry rabbit, but they all knew that complaining would be futile. I was determined to get my bunny picture, regardless of the complaints (or in Timmy's case screams of terror) involved.  I knew that Hamlet probably wouldn't relish meeting the giant bunny, but the terrified introductions are a rite of childhood I was not willing to bypass.  Needless to say, his reaction did not disappoint. 

Thankfully his fears were short lived and were calmed as soon as he noticed the large basket of lollipops propped up next to the bunny. He spent the remainder of his bunny visit snitching handfuls of lollipops out of the basket. Whereas Robby doesn't particularly care for candy, my little Timmy has quite a sweet tooth.

Sunday morning, while everybody else was still sleeping, Timmy spied a row of lollipops that had sprouted out of the jelly beans he planted last night. He couldn't wait to get outside to retrieve his little candy harvest. He grabbed the lollipops, looked at me with a cherub little smile and took off running up the driveway. He made it to the end of our road before I managed to catch him! (He was hastened out of fear that I was going to take back his treasured lollipops.)

In the afternoon my Mom, Sister and her kiddos came to visit. We went to an Easter Brunch and egg hunt. Corralled into the little kid hunt area, Timmy quickly grabbed four eggs (two in each hand) and took off running. He sprinted across the golf course, through the sand trap, and jumped into the water hazard while clutching his prized eggs.  He was giggling and squealing with excitement. I was not nearly as happy as I tried (in vain) to catch my little runner.  Being soaking wet from the knees down didn't seem to phase Timmy, and he continued to play without missing a beat. 

Today the Easter excitement will continue because we are headed to the White House for the traditional Egg Roll. I'm a tinge nervous taking my mischievous little toddler, but I'm hoping for the best. (If you see a story scrolling on CNN later this afternoon about a pint sized security breach, know that it was probably Timmy trying to protect his treats.) Wish us luck!

This is what happens when a toddler discovers that the Easter Bunny doesn't leave lollipops every night.  He was quite disappointed/ angry this morning!

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