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Wednesday, March 09, 2016


When I was in college and throughout my 20's, I was outspoken about my political views. I often spent election years verbally sparring with coworkers and friends, passionately espousing the attributes of my favored candidate while gleefully pointing out my perceived failings of theirs.  I used to relish the election cycle.

As I've matured, I find myself shying away from publicly discussing my political views. While I welcome a calm discussion, I am no longer the passionate debater of my youth. My aversion to debating should not be perceived as a lack of beliefs or knowledge about the topics. Rather, I've learned that debating vying political perspectives results in fragmented friendships more than changing views. 

This political cycle has caused me to retreat even further into my politic-free cocoon.  The nasty rhetoric both frightens and embarrasses me. I find it difficult to explain the hate-filled campaign ads to Robby, who is raised to embrace diversity and acceptance. If he were to spew such negativity towards a peer, his little world would come crashing down on him.  Yet for some reason these individuals are provided a microphone and benefit from non-stop news coverage.  While I will not discuss candidates or my political leanings in this blog, I will say that I believe this country continues to have misguided priorities.

Yesterday a friend posted a link for a child to receive an adapted bike. Although he was born with physical disabilities five years ago, Tyler has persevered and is on the verge of walking. His therapists recommend an adapted bike to help to strengthen his legs and his core, as well as to assist in developing balance. Although this adapted equipment is well-documented for therapeutic use, the family has been forced to enter a contest to try to obtain it for their son. The fact that individuals, especially a young child, must enter a corporate contest in order to obtain a necessary piece of adapted equipment is another heartbreaking example of our misguided priorities. No parent should be forced to put their son's mobility in the hands of a web based popularity contest!

A recent study conclusively proved that providing the necessary equipment at the beginning of the rehabilitation process resulted in lower costs over five years. Yet hundreds of fundraisers are being hosted every single day to help an amputee obtain even the most basic prosthetic. The ability to thrive beyond a disability is now contingent upon personal wealth and popularity rather than adaptation and determination.

Like prosthetics, adapted equipment is #NotALuxury. While I shy away from political exchanges, I will debate this issue until my last breath. If you have a moment, please vote for Tyler to receive his bike. While changing the system will take time, it will only take a few seconds to change his life. 

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